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No-Knead “Turbo” Bread Videos… ready to bake in 2-1/2 hours

“Turbo” bread was first introduced in September 2014 with the release of “Introduction to No-Knead Turbo Bread” followed by “Introduction to No-Knead Turbo Rolls” in October 2014. It was also the introduction of the “hands-free” technique for making dough and the “roll-to-coat” technique for dusting the dough with flour in the mixing bowl… no more sticky dough.

No Knead Bread 101No-Knead Bread 101

Video discusses and demonstrates the process, options, and decision points for making a variety no-knead breads and rolls. (June 17, 2016 – 14:23)



Ultimate Intro to No-Knead Turbo BreadUltimate Introduction to No-Knead “Turbo” Bread… ready to bake in 2-1/2 hours

My best guide to making “Turbo” bread. It demonstrates how to use the “hands-free” technique to bake in a covered baker (Dutch oven) and uncovered baker (bread pan) because technique, baking time & temperature are different. In both cases… I never touched it until I rolled it out of the bread pan. This is a must-watch video. (Mar 2015 – 9:03 minutes)

Sandwich Bread Baked in a Poor Man's Dutch OvenHow to Bake No-Knead Bread in a Poor Man’s Dutch Oven (no mixer… no bread machine)

Want a Dutch oven that will shape sandwich bread… no problem… use a “poor man’s Dutch oven”. Bread making doesn’t get any easier than this… no mixer or bread machine (I’ll make it in a bowl)… no-kneading (Mother Nature will do the kneading for me)… “Turbo” method (it will be ready to bake in 2-1/2 hours)… “hands-free” technique (that’s right… I won’t even touch the dough)… no shaping (I’ll let the “poor man’s Dutch oven” shape the loaf for me). How easy is that? (June 22, 2015)

How to Bake No-Knead Bread in a Toaster Oven (no mixer… no bread machine… “hands-free” technique)

No oven… no problem… you can bake no-knead bread in a toaster oven. For those with limited kitchens and those of you who don’t want to turn the oven on because it heats the house in the summer. (Sept 2016 – 6:24 minutes)

Honey Whole Wheat Turbo Bread Baked in a SkilletEasy Whole Wheat Bread Baked in a Skillet… “hands-free” technique… no kneading

This whole wheat recipe balances the nutrition and nutty taste of whole wheat with the crumb of a Country White in a hearty, moist loaf with a touch of honey for sweetness. Video demonstrates the “Turbo” method, “hands-free” technique, “roll-to-coat”… and it’s proofed and baked in a skillet. (June 7, 2015)

No Knead Turbo Bread

Introduction to No-Knead Turbo Bread (Ready to Bake in 2-1/2 Hours with Just a Spoon and a Bowl)

This was the first video to demonstrate no-knead “Turbo” bread. I used the “hands-free” technique start to finish. (Sept 2014 – 6:01 minutes)

No-Knead Turbo Rolls

Introduction to No-Knead Turbo Rolls (World’s Easiest Dinner Rolls… Ready to Bake in 2-1/2 Hours)

First video to demonstrate no-knead “Turbo” rolls. I use the “hands-free” technique to make the dough then I divided the dough into portions and use the bakeware to shape the rolls. (Oct 2014 – 7:04 minutes)


Baguettes TurboEasy No-Knead “Turbo” Baguettes… ready to bake in 2-1/2 hours

Baguettes are one of the most popular artisan breads and you’ll be surprised how easy they are to make. In this video I will use the “Turbo” method (ready to bake in 2-1/2 hours) and “hands-free” technique to make the DOUGH (I won’t use my hands to make the dough, but I will use my hands to shape the baguettes). That’s right… “hands-free”… I won’t even touch the dough until I roll it out of mixing bowl, dusted with flour, and ready to shape into baguettes. This is a video you’re sure to enjoy.

World's Easiest Pizza Dough

World’s Easiest Pizza Dough… ready to bake in less than 2 hours (no-knead “hands-free” technique)

What makes this video unique is the technique… I can make pizza dough in a glass bowl with a spoon without ever touching the dough. And, once you’ve made your own fresh pizza dough… you’ll never go back. (Jan 2015 – 7:40 minutes)

Perfect Little PizzaHow to Make Homemade Perfect Little 9” Pizza in a Toaster Oven (No-Knead “Turbo” Pizza Dough)

You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to make pizza dough. Just mix… wait… and poof, you have pizza dough. In fact… sometimes we spend more time running around getting a pizza than it takes to make great tasting pizzas. And the cost of the ingredients to make pizza dough is less than $1. (Mar 18, 2015 – 6:02 minutes)

No-Knead Bread baked in a SkilletHow to Bake No-Knead “Turbo” Bread in a Skillet (ready to bake in 2-1/2 hours)

You don’t need any special bakeware… you can bake “Turbo” bread in a skillet. This is as basic as it gets. Video demonstrates “hands-free” technique (you don’t even have touch the dough with your hands) and “roll-to-coat” (I’ll garnish the loaf with sesame seed in the mixing bowl. You’ll love it. (Dec 2014 – 6:12 minutes)

Bread Machine Bread without a Bread MachineHow to Make Bread Machine Bread without a Bread Machine

Bread is so easy to make that our ancient ancestors discovered it by accident and they didn’t have electricity. In this video I’m going to show you how you can replace the bread machine with a glass bowl and a plastic spoon and you won’t have a silly little paddle stuck in the bottom. (Dec 2014 – 6:32 minutes)


Cinnamon Rolls TurboNo-Knead “Turbo” Cinnamon Rolls… ready to bake in 2-1/2 hours (“hands-free” technique to make dough)

No-knead dough can also be used to make sweet rolls. In this video I used the no-knead method for making the dough then formed and shaped them in a traditional manner, but there’s more… the sweet roll dough really is special and it makes an excellent cinnamon roll. I think you’ll love them. (Feb 2015 – 6:12 minutes)

No-Knead “Turbo” Bread Technique Videos

1.15b.MexicanJalapeñoChiliFiestaBreadHow to Proof Bread Dough (a.k.a. The Dynamics of Proofing)

Generally speaking… bread recipes instruct you to place the dough in a “warm draft-free” location to proof… but what do they mean? This video will help you understand the dynamic of proofing. (Dec 2014 – 4:37 minutes)


How to Garnish & BasteHow to Garnish & Baste No-Knead Bread using “Hands-Free” Technique

Garnishing & basting is really, really, easy when you use the “hands-free” technique and it can make your loaves special. (Nov 2014 – 3:34 minutes)


3a.MyNoKneadTurboBreadCookbook(6x9Cover)My No-Knead Turbo Bread Cookbook (Introducing “Turbo Method” & “Hands-Free” Technique) 

This video will give you a brief overview and slide show of recipes in “My No-Knead Turbo Bread Cookbook”. (Dec 23, 2014 – 2:17 min)




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